Don't Settle for a Damaged Parking Lot in Egg Harbor Township, & Long Beach Island, NJ or the surrounding areas

Protect your investment with seal coating or crack filling

Hire us to complete your emergency parking lot repairs

The first thing clients see when they pull up to your business is the state your parking lot is in. Don't let cracked asphalt, faint lines and scattered debris make a poor first impression. Turn to Upper River Property Services from Egg Harbor Township, & Long Beach Island, NJ for emergency parking lot repair services. Our pros offer everything from crack sealing to line striping services.

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How can we enhance your parking lot?

replacements. To beautify your parking lot, hire us to provide:

  • Line striping services - we'll go over your parking lot lines, handicap decals, stop lines and arrows to make your space look like new
  • Seal coating services - we'll seal your asphalt to prevent severe weather and heavy traffic from causing faster wear and tear
  • Lot cleanup services - we'll pick up trash that's littered across your lot so it doesn't hurt your curb appeal
You can also count on us for emergency parking lot repairs, such as crack and pothole filling.

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Invest in the longevity of your parking lot

Seal coating is a great way to extend the life span of your concrete surfaces and put off the cost of replacing them. When you book our seal coating services every two to three years, you can...

  • Protect against UV rays, vehicle fluids and water damage
  • Simplify cleaning and maintenance
  • Repair and cover damage

Seal coating is the only way to reinforce your concrete surfaces for better longevity and the easiest way to prevent natural wear and weathering. See the difference in your driveway or parking lot surface by scheduling our seal coating services today. We can finish the job with line striping service if needed.