Say Goodbye to Snow and Ice in Egg Harbor Township, & Long Beach Island, NJ and the surrounding areas

Professional snow removal services are just a phone call away

When Jack Frost comes to town and starts dropping snow all over your workplace, don't send your staff outside with salt and a shovel. Turn to the experts at Upper River Property Services for commercial snow removal services in Egg Harbor Township, & Long Beach Island, NJ and the surrounding areas. We can use shovels, snowblowers, snow plows, tractors and rock salt & other ice melting methods to remove snow from any part of your property safely.

To take advantage of our professional snow removal services, call 609-296-7777 now.

Why hire us?

Over the years, we've cleared snow away from office buildings, convenience stores and strip malls. And today, we want to provide the same exceptional service to you.

Hire our commercial snow removal crew to:

  • Prevent water from thawing and refreezing, which causes significant damage to your stone features
  • Get rid of the snow covering your parking lot to reduce the chance of auto accidents on your property
  • Clear your walkway, porch and patio to prevent customers and staff members from slipping and hurting themselves
Sign up for a contract today and never worry about scheduling professional snow removal services again.

We can clear your parking lot in no time

Snow can cause all kinds of problems when it piles up on high-traffic surfaces. Instead of attempting to clear your parking lot yourself, rely on us for commercial snow removal services.

We'll quickly clear the way so that...

  • Your parking lot is safe to navigate.
  • You can reopen for business after a blizzard.
  • You're less likely to be liable for accidents on your property.

When snow is in the forecast in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ, contact Upper River Property Services to get your surfaces cleared in a jiffy. Ask us about our commercial snow removal contracts when you make an appointment.

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